Do not hire residency visa violators in public schools: MoI

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior’s residency affairs investigation department contacted Ministry of Education demanding it not hire any residency visa violators in public schools, said informed sources. The sources explained that MoI’s letter explained that a number of expats had been arrested for working in public schools while holding visas sponsored by other companies or citizens, noting that most of them work in public schools as representatives or “office girls” without having any records at those schools. The sources explained the number of these office girls is growing in schools of various educational stages and that their salaries are paid by teachers themselves.

Visa trafficking
Manpower Authority Director Ahmed Al-Mousa said the authority will not allow utilizing small and medium projects as backdoors for visa trafficking, and stressed that the attempts by some owners to violate regulations and laws will not go unaccounted for or make the authority reduce such projects. “We will have closer inspections through specialized committees instead,” he remarked. Mousa explained that scores of suspected files had been suspended and given legal warnings to undo violations and legalize their statuses. He also noted that the cases had been reported to interior ministry investigators to take legal actions against the violators.

By A Saleh