KUWAIT: Director of the Public Authority for the Disabled Dr Shafiqa Al-Awadhi strongly denied intentions to suspend allowances given to disabled citizens and stressed that the opposite was true and that the authority is working on expanding the benefits the disabled get through contacts with various state bodies and training them to become effective in building Kuwait. Speaking on the sidelines of explaining the reassessment process in progress over the disabled files, Awadhi said that law number 8/2010 states the need to reassess all cases whenever possible and according to possible changes to their disabilities, because some cases classified as mild might develop into medium or severe over time. Awadhi added that 10,000 files had been reviewed so far and reassured disabled citizens that what is happening was a merely organizational move because many cases were in violations and others had passed away, while their allowances are still being collected by their family.

Kuwait Municipality asked the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) and the Public Authority of Industry (PAI) to prepare for shifting the responsibilities withdrawn from the municipality to them as per the Cabinet decision in the new municipality law number 33/2016. In both letters, the municipality’s acting director Abdullah Emadi called for immediate meetings with both bodies to arrange for the transfer. Emadi explained that responsibilities transferred to PAI included issuing licenses and supervising scrap markets, while those transferred to PAAAFR include issuing licenses and supervising poultry, live animals and home aquarium fish.

Barghash’s citizenship
The court of cassation yesterday withheld a request filed to disqualify the judge hearing the case of withdrawing former MP Abdullah Al-Barghash’s citizenship pending a further hearing on Dec 12 to look into the request. Separately, the criminal court yesterday sentenced two bloggers to two years in jail with labor or KD 1,000 bail each to suspend the verdict over charges of blaspheming HH the Amir.  The court also sentenced an IS-affiliated person to eight years in jail with labor.

System update
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced that it is currently updating and automating the subsidized supplies system in order exclude citizens who have died, those holding expired civil IDs or have domestic laborers with expired IDs.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi