Doctor checking blood sugar level with glucometer. Treatment of diabetes concept.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

KUWAIT: Head of the urology unit at Jaber military hospital Dr Mohammed Al-Ghanem warned that the reasons of sexual disorders (impotence) from which many men worldwide suffer may be physical or psychological. Ghanem explained that physical reasons include chronic diabetes, which affects nerves and vessels supplying reproductive organs with blood, irregular blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, inactivity and severe spinal cord injuries.

Ghanem said psychological reasons include stress and family problems, and advised everybody not to overthink and avoid stress as much as possible. Ghanem added treatments depend on the cases, giving an example that patients with no health restrictions or clots may be prescribed sexual tonics, and if this does not work, they will be tested by ultrasound to check if they suffers from any blood vessel leaks or weak blood flow.

“Diabetic patients have to control the diabetes level first and regularly exercise before taking any tonics,” Ghanem said, noting that the final option is to use prosthetic devices or pumps, which a provide 98 percent success rate and only two percent failure due to inflammation, high levels of blood sugar or the body’s rejection of alien objects.