Yalda Golsharifi
Yalda Golsharifi

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how I maintain a toned and fit body after having two kids. After giving birth, I allowed myself a safe period of time to let my body recover and when it was safe to do so, I went back to my normal lifestyle of eating clean and exercising regularly. I know that there are many alternatives and “easier” routes to losing weight, one of the most popular being liposuction. While there is no doubt that liposuction can give amazing results, I’m all for doing it the natural and healthy way. So many of us want the easy way out and procedures like liposuction only give people more reason to give in to the lazy lifestyle where eating whatever you want and doing no exercise becomes normal and acceptable.

Even though we hear about the amazing success stories of liposuction, there are still so many risks and complications that could happen. Excessive blood and fluid loss that can lead to a shock of the body, blood clots and buildup of fluid in the lungs are some of the scary and dangerous complications that could happen during the procedure. Also, after liposuction your body’s shape may not look even, then additional surgery will be required to try and fix that. As well as being risky, costly and dealing with bruising, swelling, and soreness for weeks and months after, to me this doesn’t seem like the easy way out. We know that liposuction works best for those who are overly overweight and obese and for people who have tried to lose weight but failed.

Healthy and active lifestyle
If you are really unhappy with some areas of your body, all it takes a little bit of determination. Be determined to change your lifestyle for the better and by doing this you will notice tremendous differences. If you don’t have or plan on having a healthy and active lifestyle, be sure that the fat will not only return to the site of liposuction but even more to different sites of your body and your shape may look disproportionate. Research has shown that those who get liposuction and fail to change their eating/lifestyle habits are at risk of the fat returning to different areas of their bodies. For example, if you get liposuction on your hips and thighs or abdomen, a year or 6 months late, fat is distributed to other parts of your body such as arms, shoulders and mostly upper abs.

I think that as social media influencers, we should be careful about promoting bad eating habits and junk food and then not working out or having active lifestyles. This way we are influencing people to “take the easy way out” and making them believe that they just don’t gain weight when in reality, if you eat junk every day and not exercise, you will put on a lot of weight. This is something I don’t take lightly as I’m always trying to influence my followers and guide them to a healthier, cleaner way of life. Nothing will give you the amazing results of good food, exercise and water. A toned body only comes when it’s done the right way. Liposuction may remove fats, but exercise can not only tone, but reshape, shrink your waist and even give you a lifted booty.

In general when it comes to plastic surgery, I strongly believe that you should go for it when it’s something you cannot change and are unhappy with such as nose jobs, breast implants or even face lifts at an older age! However, butt implants, Brazilian butt lifts, liposuction and such are just things that people are becoming too lazy to fix. You want a bigger butt? Barbell squats, lunges and deadlifts. Want a smaller waist? Planks and dumbbell side dips. Want to lose weight? Hit the gym and kill it with some cardio! Your body is capable of handling so much, you are strong, why disable your body by doing something that is not natural? We were made to move and be strong, not lazy and weak. With just a little bit of determination, self-discipline and self-belief, the results you are looking for are so much easier to reach than you think.

By Yalda Golsharifi