KUWAIT: Criminal detectives are looking for five persons who kidnapped a Kuwaiti from Qurain, took him to a house in Jahra and beat him mercilessly. They then took him to an outdoor yard, beat him again and threw him in front of a Hawally building. The man went to the police station in a hysterical state and gave police a medical report about his condition. He did not give any information about the attackers.

Missing husband
A Kuwaiti called police and told them her husband was not answering her phone calls, and asked them to help her find him and find out why he was not answering the phone. Detectives took over the case and investigations have begun.

Bank account hacked
A Kuwaiti told police his wife’s bank account was hacked and KD 74 was withdrawn to recharge a telephone line. He gave police a bank report showing the transfer and the phone number. Investigations have begun.

Egyptian youth found dead
The body of an Egyptian youth was sent to the coroner. The man had earlier called police and asked for help, but when they arrived at his house, he was found dead. The 29-year-old youth had called for paramedics and was found on the floor.

Rent problems
An Indian accused an Egyptian of taking KD 500 from him for two months’ rent, then later demanded him to pay up. The Indian told police he rents a shop and pays the rent regularly to an Egyptian who collects the rent. The Egyptian had told him he is in need of money and asked for KD 500, promising to not take rent for two months. But the Indian was surprised by the Egyptian asking him for the money. When the Indian told the Egyptian that he promised not take rent for two months, he retorted: “That is not my business – you pay.” Detectives are investigating. – Al-Rai