KUWAIT: An investigation is being conducted to identify a mother who left her newborn in Ahmadi, after a man was surprised to find the baby’s dead body near his car. It was not known whether the baby, a girl, died and her body was left there, or she was alive and later died due to weather conditions. The prosecutor is considering the case as one of murder.

Bird hunters arrested
KUWAIT: Jahra security men heard the repeated firing of a weapon, so they went to the source of the sound and found two adolescents using a shotgun. One of them said he came to the site with his friend to hunt birds, so he was taken to the police station first, then to the juvenile prosecution.

Delivery man mugged
Unidentified persons tied a delivery man to a lamppost and robbed his mobile phone along with KD 40 before escaping. The victim and his sponsor went to the police, filed a complaint and gave police the license plate number of the thieves’ vehicle, and police are looking for them.

Merchant robbed
Criminal detectives arrested a citizen who robbed man, then returned his stolen car, KD 1,800 and 1,345 recharge cards out of the 1,500 stolen. The car’s Egyptian owner said that while he was selling the recharge cards, a man stopped him near a grocery store claiming to be a detective, but when the victim asked him for his ID, he pulled a knife and robbed him. – Al-Anbaa