TarrahIt was not a new news item, what US President Obama said that “part of the money Iran will get back after lifting the sanctions will be used in financing terrorist activities,” because this was confirmed again by Iran’s foreign minister that the nuclear agreement “will not change Iran’s policy in arming its allies.”

That continued in the Eid Al-Fitr speech with the confirmation of Iran’s Supreme Leader that “Iran will continue its support for those it calls vulnerable especially Bahrain and Iran’s friends in the region.” It is very difficult to absorb Iran’s statements, because sometimes it says ‘neighbor first, then home,’ as Foreign Minister Zareef wrote in Al- Safeer newspaper lately. But sometimes they carry threats! While the Supreme Leader’s stand ‘Who cares for Iran’ is characterized as ‘steadfast’ in supporting Iran’s allies and the vulnerable.

Under all these and the nuclear agreement, which has not been approved by Congress, no guarantees were issued by the Iranian leader on the future of the Iran-Gulf relations, also the Iran- Arab relations. And Iran did not reveal their plans in regards to improving the standard of living of the Iranian people, nor their stand on the vulnerable of the Iranian opposition groups, such as the Ahwazi, Mujahidee Khalq and other groups! If the American president, despite his support of the nuclear agreement, did not hide his belief that Iran will ‘use’ part of its recovered funds to finance ‘terrorist’ activities, then what about the Gulf countries! The US president’s worry was predicted by the Gulf countries, even before the meeting of Gulf leaders in Camp David and still continues.

This legitimate worry threatens the security and stability of the Gulf and the Arab region as a whole. In addition to that, the Iranian expenditure on its military program reached $15 billion, while the Gulf expenditure registered $100 million, based on the latest statements by the US Foreign Secretary! The difficult question: “How can the Gulf countries, including Iraq, feel secure and stable, towards the ambiguity of Iran’s policy and predictions that do not tell of a friendly Iranian policy?” The GCC in particular, faces a great challenge, since calls to proceed with the developments may not be in the interest of the security of GCC countries and sets a scenario for all possibilities, and because the region can’t bear any surprises, and maybe, military interventions by Tehran, especially that it has announced that clearly and frankly many times!

—Translated by Kuwait Times

By Khalid Al-Tarrah