SayerIt is absolutely hideous to talk about beauty during times of ugliness. It is also out of total ignorance to talk about knowledge during times of absolute ignorance.

It is also insane to talk about wisdom and reason during times that are dominated by a state of complete insanity and groups of lunatic people who lost their minds long ago.

It is no use to have your words fall on deaf ears! Comic magazines have always been addressing young people using imaginary heroic characters such as Superman, Spiderman, Batman and others who all looked like ordinary, well-dressed, handsome, neat, clean and well-behaved individuals who adored good work and respected the law.

Those magazines have been really teaching generations after generations of young people some very good values. Contrarily, and in view of the ugliness surrounding us everywhere nowadays, filthy speeches and indecency, it is no wonder that some similar magazines are issued using heroes that match these twisted times only to show a ‘Daeshman’ (ISman) as evil-loving, throat-cutting, dressed in filthy attire, ignorant, liar, fool and terrorist because exquisiteness, reason and literature no longer exist in our real lives and even in virtual lives on various social media networks that are only dedicated to conflicts and disputes! —Translated by Kuwait Times

By Salah Al-Sayer