Mostra di Leonardo

A permanent interactive museum has recently opened for public in Florence, includes the most prominent creations of renowned artist Leonardo Da Vinci, not only in the field of art but in science and technology among others. The museum, which is located between Galleria dell’Accademia and Museum of Opera of Saint Maria of Fiore, in one of the ancient palaces, built in 1513, features invention models, designs and reproduced art of Leonardo Da Vinci, plus a bookshop.

It displays more than 50 life-size machines, modeled after Da Vinci’s designs executed by skilled craftsmen, identical to the original details, accompanied by numerous explanatory panels in Italian, French, English, Spanish and Russian that accompany you during the entire exhibition.

The unique environment of the Leonardo da Vinci museum involves your visit in a direct, interactive, extraordinary experience of sharing and learning. Inside the Museum, there are numerous explanatory panels in Italian, French, English, and Spanish and Russian, that accompany you during the entire exhibition, in addition of rental audio guide service.

In addition to the real interactions with his inventions, visitors can admire and compare, in a unique context, high-resolution reproductions of Da Vinci’s main pictorial works from the Mona Lisa to the Last Supper and the Annunciation to the Lady with the Ermine.

The exhibition, which uses virtual and augmented reality techniques, displays the “ideal city” project planned by Da Vinci to establish a comfortable, spacious city characterized by rational and functional architecture, organized roads, buildings with high walls, strong, and public squares.

Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 in Florence, Italy, and was educated in the studio of the renowned Italian painter Andrea del Verrocchio. Much of his earlier working life was spent in the service of Ludovico il Moro in Milan, and he later worked in Rome, Bologna and Venice. He spent his last three years in France, where he died in 1519. – KUNA