SayerIn 1967, Israel formed a national unity cabinet which observes described as a ‘war government.’ It also took many exceptional measures and deployed its forces in a way that indicated an eminent aggression against its Arab neighbors, who also made the same arrangements and intended taking the initiative by attacking first to surprise Israel.

However, the Soviet Union’s ambassador to Cairo managed to talk Gamal Abdul Nasser out of such plans, and accordingly, Israel attacked and occupied many Arab territories, thank to the Russian bear’s advice.

In 1977, the late Egyptian president Sadat visited Israel and this angered Arabs on Russian provocation from the Soviets. Arabs raced to hold a summit in Libya, where they formed a resistance front led by Soviet-allied countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria.

The front did not obviously resist Israel, but rather targeted Egypt, and thus the largest Arab country was boycotted and expelled from the Arab League.

In 1993, the late Palestinian president Yasser Arafat signed the Oslo Agreement with Israel, and once more, resistance defiance powers came back to light with new mottos and slogans this time, and were known as the ‘Resistance Axis.’ This axis was led by Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Houthis, who were lately joined by Russia in broad daylight in order to defend the capital of resistance and respond to the victories made by Decisive Storm.

Those countries and parties forming the resistance axis are led by gangs of political regimes that go along well with the neo-Russian czars in the Kremlin. This is a very painful fact Arabs can never forget or ignore as they watch Arab blood being shed in Iraq, Yemen and Syria, where Israel is fully coordinating with the resistance axis led by Russia!

— Translated by Kuwait Times

By Salah Al-Sayer