KUWAIT: People lined up outside a vegetables’ store in Hawally. – Photo by Fouad Al-Shaikh

By A Saleh

KUWAIT: Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Waleed Al-Jassem announced issuing a decision mandating measuring the temperature of all supermarket and store staff and customers prior to entry and reporting any case with temperatures above 37 degrees centigrade.

Jassem added that he had issued several decisions and directives to help limit crowds in supermarkets, protect customers’ health and prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), including obliging stores and supermarkets to provide customers with sanitizers and gloves on entry and maintain a distance of at least one meter between customers waiting in line.

Jassem also noted that the decision included not allowing in more than 10 customers at a time with two meters between one another inside, and banning the entry of children to avoid legal actions stipulated in decision number 703/2020.

Food prices
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) issued special decisions fixing the prices of vegetable and meat at various outlets, said Minister Khaled Al-Roudhan, noting that such decisions were made to avoid overburdening citizens and prevent unjustified foodstuff price increases. Earlier, Roudhan had issued a decision fixing the prices of livestock and meat, according to the following:

  • Three to four month-old Local Naimi sheep will cost no more than KD 95, while sheep older than six months will be sold for a maximum of KD 115.
  • Two to four month-old Shefali sheep will be sold for a maximum of KD 80, 2-4 month-old male goats will be sold for a maximum KD 50, and those older than 4 months will be sold for a maximum of KD 60.
  • Four month-old and older Australian sheep will be sold for a maximum of KD 60, younger animals will be sold for KD 53, and 3-4-month-old Somali sheep will be sold for a maximum of KD 50.
  • Four to six month-old Jordanian sheep will be sold for a maximum of KD 90, while 4-6-month-old South African sheep will be sold for a maximum of KD 55.
    Roudhan warned that violation of the above decision will be subject to legal penalties and actions.

Foul tobacco
Hawally municipal inspectors raided a warehouse in Hawally, where foul shisha tobacco and products were being stored and sold in the local market. Inspectors had watched the warehouse for two days prior to the raid and confiscated large quantities of the tobacco that did not match specifications, in addition to a truck being loaded outside. The place was closed down.

Police impersonator arrested
A Syrian man was arrested for impersonating as a police detective and violating the curfew hours, said security sources. Case papers indicate that Farwaniya detectives suspected someone using a police flasher on his vehicle, and when he was stopped, he was found to be a Syrian, who admitted that the flasher belongs to a friend working for Ahmadi police detectives, who was also arrested. Both were referred to relevant authorities pending further legal action.