Adel Al-Saadoun

KUWAIT: Al-Fintas Astronomical Observatory Director Adel Al-Saadoun said the winter weather in December has been quite “abnormal” in Kuwait. “Yes, snow and cold weather in Syria and Lebanon are yet to arrive. I call this year’s weather abnormal. We expected rain, but it didn’t fall. So, we are not experiencing the same weather as last year – the winter last year was better,” Saadoun said.

He predicted that “normal cold winter weather” conditions during this period have been delayed probably till the middle or end of January. According to Saadoun, the snow and cold weather conditions from Syria and Lebanon are yet to make an impact. Saadoun forecast that the abnormal weather conditions will continue for the next four to five days.

“The lowest temperature will be five degrees Celsius and 18 degrees Celsius the maximum. Last year, in the same period, we had subzero temperatures,” he said. According to Saadoun, the rain Kuwait expected last week did not arrive, although there were some sporadic showers in desert areas. “We do not know if rain will come by next week,” noted Saadoun.

The official weather forecast posted on the website of the Meteorological Department of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation matches Saadoun’s prediction. The maximum temperature over the next four days ranges between 25 C and 27 C degrees, while the minimum ranges between 7 C and 9 C degrees.

By Ben Garcia