KUWAIT: Commenting on the statement recently made by Minister of Health Dr Ali Al-Obaidi concerning asking the Interpol to arrest and return the Egyptian doctor responsible for the death of citizen, Soud Al- Azmi, lawyer, Humoud Al-Hajri ridiculed the statement and described it as ‘a dodge’ because the Egyptian Constitution bans extradition of Egyptian citizens. Hajri explained that the only possible thing to do is to send the whole case to Egypt and prosecute the doctor there.

Dust storms North westerly wind would rise up to 50 kilometers per hour raising dust and that some scattered clouds would appear reducing visibility to less than 1,000 meters in some open areas, Kuwait Metrological Department yesterday warned

Video The Ministry of Commerce and Industry strongly denied the validity of a video recently broadcasted of a government employee being issued commercial licenses noting that this would be a severe violation of rules and regulations.

Martyr officers Ahmadi Security Director Brigadier Abdullah Saffah and Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Abalkhail recently offered condolences to the families of an officer and a National Guard soldier who were killed in a suspects’ pursuit in Sabah Al-Salem.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi