The court of cassation yesterday sentenced a bedoon, who had been earlier sentenced to death for stabbing his father to death in Rehab, to life imprisonment. The court argued that the murder was not premeditated as the suspect was only trying to stop his father from harshly beating his sister and mother. His father then stabbed his son, which made him snatch the knife and stab him in the neck. The court added that the suspect, his sister and mother had injuries resulting from the father’s assault.

Co-op pharmacies get reprieve
Presided by Ministry of Commerce and Industry Undersecretary Mustafa Redha, the license violations committee met yesterday to study the issue of closing pharmacies in various co-ops. The committee recommended that all pharmacies will continue operating with temporary six-month licenses until a final sentence is passed in a case filed to contest and repeal law number 28/1996. The recommendations were endorsed by Health Minister Sheikh Dr Basel Al-Sabah, who stressed the need to respect laws and enforce them.

CMA fines company
The Capital Market Authority’s disciplinary council met yesterday and decided to fine a real estate company KD 10,000 for violating disclosure and transparency regulations stipulated in law number 7/2010 and its amendments. Notably, the company had failed to disclose its financial data within the legal grace period ending on June 30, 2019 and only did so on Aug 8, 2019.

By A Saleh