KUWAIT: Ahmadi detectives arrested a ‘contractor’ who used his wife, her sister and the wife of his brother for prostitution purposes. Most of those who frequented his “brothel” were adolescents, one of whom was aged 15 years. The suspect told police about a friend who helped him in his illicit activity.

A security source said that detectives learned about an Arab contractor who had turned his flat in Fahaheel into a brothel, so detectives placed him under surveillance, until they were sure he was making his wife and sisters-in-law work as prostitutes and made agreements with clients through the Internet.

Detectives then asked an undercover agent to contact the contractor, who set a date, and after he went there, he gave detectives a signal and the place was raided.

When they searched it, 130 condoms were found, 30 of them used. The contractor, the three woman aged 23, 27 and 36, and another man were arrested. The contractor said he make the clients choose from the women and charged KD 30 per session.

Truck batteries stolen
Detectives arrested an Egyptian who stole truck batteries in Fahaheel and Ahmadi, after police received many complaints. The suspect said he worked with two partners and other persons who bought the stolen goods. A security source said the Egyptian was placed under surveillance until his arrest. He told police he stole truck batteries at night, and told police about a warehouse in Fahaheel that was full of stolen batteries.