KUWAIT: Director of the safety department in Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorate Maise Bushehri said a field tour resulted in issuing a citation to a company that used state property for offices and warehouses, and whose storage license had expired. The fine is of KD 58,000.

Eight people rescued
The marine fire station, in cooperation with the coastguard, rescued eight Kuwaitis after their yacht hit a buoy near Mina Ahmadi. All of them were taken to shore in good condition. Separately, firemen put out a fire in a room at the Cosmo complex in Khairan. No injuries were reported. The room contained plastic goods. In the meantime, South Salmiya fire station responded to a call about a fire in a car and put it out, and was kept from spreading. Meanwhile, a vehicle caught fire in Sabah Al-Ahmad. The car was totally engulfed in fire and completely destroyed. In another case, firemen dealt with a fire in a power transformer in Andalus. The fire started in a boat near the transformer and reached the transformer, prompting Sulaibkhat and Ardiya centers to respond. No injuries were reported. Also, firemen put out a blaze in a Saad Al-Abdullah house without any injuries.

Traffic accidents
Kuwait witnessed several traffic accidents in various governorates last month. Ahmadi had the lion’s share of fatalities with 10 people killed – four citizens and six non-Kuwaitis. A security source said statistics of non-felony deaths with regards to traffic accidents in August saw 11 Kuwaiti men and women killed, while 18 men of other nationalities as well as two women also died, bringing the total deaths to 32 men and women.

Smuggling foiled
Interior Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Reform Institutions Maj Gen Farraj Al-Zoubi sent a prison employee to the public prosecution for attempting to smuggle heroin to her son, who is a prison inmate. The employee’s 10-year-old daughter was also detained as she was used in the smuggling attempt on the orders of her mother. The woman who wanted to visit her son was searched as well as the girl, and the heroin was found on the girl. The employee said she was delivering the narcotic to her son. In a separate case, police discovered two bags of drugs with a Pakistani at a checkpoint in Saad Al-Abdullah. The Pakistani told police he has heart problems, adding a small bag he had contained his medicine, but policemen found drugs in it.

KD 3,000 watch stolen
A citizen told police in Kabd that she suspects her maid of stealing a watch worth KD 3,000. Police are working on the case.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies