Commercial areas ‘becoming cleaner’ while piled up trash remains in residential parts

KUWAIT: Residents around Kuwait continue to complain about huge amounts of trash in front of their buildings. Photos showing piles of trash on sidewalks and garbage containers spilling over with trash are shared every day on social media in Kuwait.

Kuwait Times toured Salmiya (Blocks 2,3,6, and 7) and Salwa (Blocks 2,5, and 6) and Kuwait City yesterday, and found out that most of the piled up garbage was in residential areas. Meanwhile, most bins and streets in commercial areas were noticeably clean. Kuwait Times has been receiving complaints about trash not being picked up for days in areas including Salwa, Salmiya, Khaitan, Mahboula, and Hawally.

While Kuwait Municipality says that the problem is being resolved gradually, the issue remains until a new company it recently hired to handle waste removal takes over from the old company whose contract expired recently. A municipality employee told Kuwait Times earlier this week that the hand over process should finish ‘within days.’

By Faten Omar