KUWAIT: Sabah Al-Ahmad detectives are looking for a citizen who set a box of potato chips on fire inside the area’s local co-op society for no apparent reason. Co-op officials told police that surveillance cameras recorded a man wearing a red cap who entered the supermarket, then set the box alight and left. Detectives identified the suspect and he is being sought.

Arcades thief arrested
A citizen who owns a café accused a customer of stealing money from an arcade game by using a copy of the key. The suspect paid for his drinks and shisha from the stolen money. The café owner told police that while he was checking the machines, he noticed that two had money, while a third was completely empty. When he asked workers about it, they told him that a young man comes daily and sits near the machine for hours. The citizen checked security footage and found the customer used to open the moneybox under the game and stole its contents. Detectives are investigating.

Drug dealer caught
A female citizen was taken to the Drugs Control General Department after he was caught in an abnormal condition, and he confessed to pushing drugs. Police found hashish and a sensitive scale with her. Police noticed the girl driving aimlessly in Salmiya, so they pulled her over. When they spoke to her, she seemed abnormal. Police found the hashish and scale in her car. At the police station, she said she uses and trades in drugs, and has special customers.

Gamblers detained
Eight Indians were arrested after they were caught gambling inside Khaitan Park. A guard noticed the eight gambling, so he called police, who arrived and arrested them. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai