‘ClO2 product’ not authorized by Health Ministry

KUWAIT: Several international organizations have warned against the use of chlorine dioxide and mentioned severe side effects caused by using it. Claims mentioned on chlorine dioxide products say the chemical protects against airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi, but this is not medically proven.

Health Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Medicine and Food Control Affairs Dr Abdullah Al-Bader said assertions on social media about a product that attaches to clothes are not correct and it is not authorized by the health ministry. He said that a study of the product on April 8 showed that it is a card containing ClO2, which is used in sterilization and disinfection of surfaces and medical equipment under certain technical conditions.

Several organizations have warned against the use of this card which contains chlorine dioxide, such as the Saudi Food and Drug Agency, Qatar and Oman health ministries as well as Jordan’s Food and Drug Public Authority. The US FDA warned on April 8, 2020 against the use of such products and eating them, as side effects appeared in those who ingested them, such as respiratory failure, drop in blood pressure, liver failure, drop in blood cell count, severe vomiting and diarrhea.

Bader said the product is not registered with any supervisory agencies around the world mentioned in the circulated social media ad, and there is no scientific evidence proving the safe use and effectiveness of the product. He warned against the use of any medical product for prevention or treatment until after making sure it is registered at the health ministry.