KUWAIT: The Ministry of Health’s assistant undersecretary for medicine control Dr Abdullah Al-Bader announced taking legal measures against a private clinic that had been selling medicine to its patients, which is a clear violation of law number 28/1996 and ministerial resolution number 395/1997 that grant pharmacies exclusive permission to sell medicine. The decision was made following a number of complaints filed by private pharmacies concerning scores of patients inquiring about the expiry or the prices of certain medicines sold to them by the clinic. Bader added that in coordination with the ministry’s assistant undersecretary for private medical services Dr Fatima Al-Najjar, inspection teams were sent to the clinic, where the violations were detected and documented in official reports.

Bader noted that the teams are periodically inspecting all private clinics in Kuwait to make sure all medicines are only given by pharmacies, where they are usually stored according to international specifications under specialized supervision. He also urged the public to report any medicine-related violations through the MoH website.

Food inspection
Public Authority for Food and Nutrition Director Essa Al-Kandari, the acting deputy director for inspection Dr Thekra Behbahani and inspection teams inspected the new Al-Mawashi Company’s slaughterhouse in the capital and the truffles market in Rai. The teams checked the slaughterhouse’s departments and modern facilities with a capacity of 18,000 heads per day. The teams detected no violations since the slaughterhouse only opened in October. The team also visited the truffle market where 120 truffle outlets were inspected, where only 57 had valid health certificates, while the others were found to be still working on issuing them.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi