Govt looks to cut expenses in staff annual bonuses

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Social Affairs plans to ask NGOs to obtain a clean criminal record certificate from expatriates who wish to work for them in order to make sure that they are not affiliated with any organizations, groups or activities that in contrary to the rules and regulations of those NGOs, which the ministry supervises. The ministry made this new condition after investigations following the arrest of Egyptians in Kuwait wanted on terrorism charges in their home country revealed that they have work visas issued by some NGOs in Kuwait, said sources familiar with the new circular.
Meanwhile, the ministry said aid payments were not stopped to those eligible to receive them; rather they were stopped for those who did not renew their documents, besides those who should be suspended because of changing their social and financial status. They said the suspension is precautionary and temporary until the required documents are submitted. It said the ministry did not and will not stop any payments until beneficiaries are contacted and asked to submit required documents.

Employees’ bonuses
Rewards for excellent work that ministries and other state departments pay to employees each year will be reduced by half, informed sources said. According to the sources, employees should next year notice that the total value of rewards will drop by 40 to 50 percent because of new conditions, most important of which is employees’ compliance with attendance, as those who do not comply with the biometric access system for at least 180 days will not receive their bonus and cannot file grievances over the issue.
The sources said the biometric system will be the first condition for the reward and is the approach to other conditions that guarantee productivity and the extent of compliance with working hours. They said that the majority of rewards will be for Kuwaitis, as non-Kuwaiti employees will have another system. The reward will be according to the allocated budget and managers’ input. Sources said the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and State Audit Bureau noticed many loopholes in payments of excellent work bonuses, and money was given to those who do not deserve it, so the rewards will be linked with CSC to follow their compliance.

School preparations
Education Minister Hamed Al-Azmi told education ministry officials that any dereliction in preparations for the upcoming school year will mean they will be forced out of their jobs or sent for involuntary retirement. Official sources said Azmi asked ministry undersecretaries and education zone managers to follow preparations directly in the field and not from their offices. He asked the general education undersecretary and zone directors to complete preparations two weeks before the start of the school year. The sources said direct instructions were given to undersecretaries to provide all school needs, such as air conditioners, tables and teachers’ desks before the middle of August, and directed that contracts be signed with cleaning companies to provide the necessary labor before the start of the school year. The sources said the curriculum sector received most schoolbooks for the school year from print shops, while some are still being printed. The sources added that new teachers from Tunisia, Palestine and Jordan will arrive in Kuwait after the Eid-Al-Adha holiday, adding that a special committee will receive them.

By A Saleh