KUWAIT: The Civil Court ordered that a female citizen should be compensated by KD 1,500 in psychological damages she suffered when she bought a counterfeit purse through Instagram. The woman placed an order for an original purse for KD 500 then later discovered it was a premium counterfeit.

NA storming The Appeals Court will consider tomorrow the case where several people, including former MPs, are accused of storming the National Assembly. The Criminal Court had earlier exonerated all the accused in the case.

Egypt Separately, the Criminal Court postponed a state security case against Nasser and Mubark Al-Duwaila and Tariq Al-Suwaidan in which they are accused of insulting Egypt on Twitter. In the case, the Egyptian Embassy filed a complaint against Duwaila accusing him of insulting Egypt because of his condemnation of the overthrowing of President Mohammad Morsi and for what Nasser Duwaila said is Sisi’s extortion of Kuwait and Gulf countries.

Al-Watan Meanwhile, the court postponed a complaint by Major General Abdelfattah Al-Ali against Sheikh Khalifa Al-Ali Al- Sabah for consideration and payment of the civil case fees. Security information department at the Interior Ministry said the ministry had three cases against Editor-in-Chief of Al-Watan newspaper Sheikh Ali Al-Khalifa for his resistance and insult of a public employee while on duty, while attempting to implement the public prosecution’s decision to close down a private print shop which used to print Al-Watan newspaper in violation of Information Ministry decision.

By Meshal Al-Enezi