(From left) Dr Fawzia Al-Kandari, Dr Moaz Alanbaei and Dr Darar Al-Khudair at the Cardiac Cath laboratory.

KUWAIT: Just a few days before one of the world’s largest health and medical conferences – Arab Health – took place, Kuwait scored an important medical milestone with the first cardiac ablation treatment done in the private sector. Cardiac ablation is a complex cardiac procedure used to treat abnormal electrical activity in the heart.

Given the complex nature of the treatment, cardiac ablation is usually done by only a handful of trained cardiologists in Kuwait’s public sector hospitals. But thanks to a collaboration between Kuwait’s Central Circle medical company and Johnson & Johnson Middle East, the cutting-edge treatment is now available in the private healthcare sector in Kuwait.

A team of leading doctors including electrophysiologist Dr Fawzia Alkandari performed the groundbreaking and complex procedure at Hadi Hospital. The event is a major leap in the right direction in acknowledging the importance of such treatments, which shouldn’t be held from patients in need. The cardiac ablation was covered by insurance. Johnson & Johnson is a top manufacturer of the ablation technology. They have partnered with Central Circle in Kuwait to bring this innovative treatment to the private sector.

“A vital treatment such as ablation therapy should be made accessible to all those who need it,” stated Dr Ziad Al-Alyan, Central Circle CEO. Dr Al-Alyan thanked the great Johnson & Johnson team and the team at Hadi Hospital for making the groundbreaking treatment become a reality. Cardiac arrhythmia is relatively common in Kuwait due to the high prevalence of heart disease in the region. Having the private sector contribute in the treatment availability reduces wait times for patients and results in better outcomes for public health in general.