Sunset at Boulevard Park

KUWAIT: Sunset at Boulevard Park. — Photo by Nawaf Al-Hmoud (KUNA)

From viewing sphere of Kuwait Towers

KUWAIT: Kuwait City’s high-rise buildings seen from inside of the viewing sphere of Kuwait Towers. — Photo by Samar Al-Afghani (KUNA)

A view of Kuwait City from the sea

KUWAIT: A view of Kuwait City from the sea. — Photo by Mustafa Al-Bader (KUNA)

Craftsmen working at Souq Al Mubarakiya

Hundreds of craftsmen work in various fields in the traditional Souq Al Mubarakiya. Here we see tailors at their sewing machines. _ Photos by well known photojournalist Saleh Taqi

Places choked with traffic jams every day

Kuwait City’s landscape

KUWAIT: High-rise buildings spread across Kuwait City’s landscape. — Photo by Fouad Al-Shaikh

Al Kout mall

KUWAIT: Al Kout mall pictured right before sunrise. — KUNA

Skyline of Kuwait City

KUWAIT: Clear skies above the skyline of Kuwait City. — KUNA

Kuwait City’s skyline

KUWAIT: Kuwait City’s skyline from the rooftop of the old Amiri hospital. —KUNA

Souq Marina

KUWAIT: A beautiful night time view of the Souq marina at Souq Sharq. — KUNA

Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center

KUWAIT: A bird’s-eye view of Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center. —KUNA

Skyline of Kuwait City

KUWAIT: The beautiful skyline of Kuwait City. —KUNA