Iranian bread permanent guest at Kuwaiti tables

Kuwaitis' bond with Iranian culture unchanged despite regional tensions KUWAIT: Khalil Kamal makes...

Kuwaiti men break the mold, seek to become topnotch chefs

Chef credits female relatives for teaching him secrets to excellent cooking Kuwaiti chef Ziyad Hamada. —KUNA photos

US startup eyes next generation of burgers with relish

LAS VEGAS: The Impossible Burger 2.0 is introduced at a press event during CES 2019 on Tuesday. - AFP

Forget chocolate, how about a cockroach for Valentine’s?

Forget chocolate, flowers or a romantic dinner. A zoo in Texas is offering singles the chance to name a cockroach after their...

$280,000 lab-grown burger could be a more palatable $10 in 2 yrs

MADRID/ZURICH: Lab-grown meat, first introduced to the world six years ago in the form of a $280,000 hamburger, could hit supermarket shelves...

Tuna sells for record $3m at Tokyo auction

TOKYO: President of sushi restaurant chain Sushi-Zanmai, Kiyoshi Kimura, displays a 278 kg bluefin tuna at his main restaurant yesterday. —...

Burger King goes… vegan? The meatless Whopper is here

For decades, fast-food giant Burger King has been the undisputed Home of the Whopper-the chain's signature sandwich featuring one of its flame-grilled,...

Chewing the fat with Pakistan’s BBQ masters

The sweet aroma of mutton smoke drifts through a maze of crumbling alleyways, a barbecue tang that for...

Papa roach: Chinese farmer breeds bugs for the table

Cockroach farmer Li Bingcai eating an exuvial roach at his farm in Yibin, China’s southwestern Sichuan province. — AFP photos

On the menu soon: lab-grown steak for eco-conscious diners

REHOVOT: Diners in some upmarket restaurants will soon be able to tuck into laboratory-grown steak, thanks to an Israeli startup that seeks...

Maggot cheese, putrid sea herring or virgin boy eggs-bon appetit!

Kopi Luwak from Indonesia, coffee beans eaten and excreted by the Asian palm civet, is presented in the Disgusting Food Museum...

A Kuwaiti touch: Local chefs excelling in the art of French cuisine

 KUWAIT: French cuisine is known throughout the world for its unique texture, outstanding flavor, and distinctive presentation, making it one of the most famous...

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