Monday, March 25, 2019

Want to start your own business?

Let's face it, starting your own business is both intimidating and challenging. There are lots of moving parts to any business: You have to...

Startup Story: Ghinwa’s mission to showcase musical talents

Mohammed Al-Munaikh and Bader Al-Tahous first met during The Protégés, a program encouraging the youth to ask themselves: "If money isn't an issue, what...

Sirdab Lab: A startup hub for entrepreneurs

Starting a business is a lingering goal in the minds of ambitious individuals and disgruntled employees. But many people never take a step towards...

Boxit: Your Physical Dropbox

While cleaning their flat, Premlal Pullisserry turned to his wife and jokingly said: "If only we can store some of these things at our...

Carriage: A food-delivery app worth trying

Many startup founders worry about how they will market their app, even before their app is built. But garnering a lot of attention doesn't spell...

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