Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Carriage: A food-delivery app worth trying

Many startup founders worry about how they will market their app, even before their app is built. But garnering a lot of attention doesn't spell...

Sirdab Lab: A startup hub for entrepreneurs

Starting a business is a lingering goal in the minds of ambitious individuals and disgruntled employees. But many people never take a step towards...

Boxit: Your Physical Dropbox

While cleaning their flat, Premlal Pullisserry turned to his wife and jokingly said: "If only we can store some of these things at our...

Want to start your own business?

Let's face it, starting your own business is both intimidating and challenging. There are lots of moving parts to any business: You have to...

Startup Story: Ghinwa’s mission to showcase musical talents

Mohammed Al-Munaikh and Bader Al-Tahous first met during The Protégés, a program encouraging the youth to ask themselves: "If money isn't an issue, what...

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