Cars ‘abandoned’ in co-op parking lots will be impounded

KUWAIT: Vice Chairman of the Union of Cooperative Societies Khaled Al-Hudhaiban warned about security threats posed by vehicles abandoned in various co-ops’ parking lots, noting that vehicles will not be allowed to be parked for over three days and that surveillance cameras will be installed to monitor the parking areas. Hudhaiban said some expats park their vehicles in co-ops’ parking lots before departing Kuwait for vacations, adding that this will not be tolerated and that the municipality will be contacted after three days to act.

Manager of cleaning at the Capital municipality Meshaal Al-Azmi said KD 135 will be collected as a fine for leaving vehicles parked in co-op parking lots, including charges for removing the vehicle and safeguarding it, and KD 1 per day of impoundment. “Such vehicles will be deemed abandoned,” he added, noting that the municipality will ask co-ops to provide them with the license plate numbers of vehicles parked for long periods.

Azmi explained that the municipality usually pastes warning stickers for 24 hours on vehicles displayed for sale and for 48 hours on abandoned vehicles before removing them. He added owners will have to contact the municipality within a maximum of three months to pay the fines and retrieve their vehicles before the municipality offers them for sale in public auctions.

By A Saleh