KUWAIT: A bus hit a lamppost on Fourth Ring Road, trapping the Asian driver inside. Hawally fire station men freed him and handed him to paramedics.

Hazardous material
Ahmadi and hazardous material fire stations dealt with hazardous material that spilled from a truck in Ahmadi. The material is considered caustic and affects the body and pulmonary system when handled. The material was removed and no injuries were reported.

Officer attacks comrade
The interior ministry’s relations and security information department said while a traffic officer was organizing traffic flow on the Mangaf-Sabahiya roundabout because of a traffic accident, a motorist tried to ignore instructions, but the officer told him to wait. The man did not like this and dragged the officer, causing him bruises and other injuries. The driver was arrested, and he turned out to be an interior ministry officer. He was sent to concerned authorities for further action.

No shooting
The interior ministry categorically denied claims on social media that a shooting took place under a bridge. The statement said what took place were reckless acts by a group of motorists under the bridge, who had manipulated their exhaust systems to make shooting sounds, as confirmed by traffic patrols.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun