Bus driver arrested for committing ‘grave’ traffic violation

KUWAIT: The Relations and Security Information Department commented on a video clip that appeared o social media showing a bus driver violating traffic laws and overtaking vehicles near a traffic light. The statement said traffic policemen dealt with the driver and sent him to the traffic detention cell for committing a grave violation. The bus was impounded.

Resisting arrest
A police patrol in Kaifan suspected a man, so they stopped him. He was found wanted by the felonies sentences implementation department. When he was placed in the patrol car, several men enabled him to escape and prevented police from doing their job. They were brought under control and were sent to concerned authorities, charged with resisting arrest and insulting a public employee.

Mosque damage
A bedoon man was sent to state security for destroying contents of a Jahra mosque, Al-Rai reported. The man entered the mosque and destroyed everything he could reach. Police went to the mosque and arrested the suspect, as investigations are ongoing.

The cassation court sentenced a Saudi man to three years in jail for blackmailing a Kuwaiti national. The victim complained to the electronic crimes department and told them an unidentified person fabricated indecent pictures, then called him and asked for money in order not to send the pictures to his family. Detectives asked the young man to make the blackmailer believe he agreed to pay, and when he arrived, he was arrested.

Police chase
A juvenile was detained following indecent acts against policemen, who chased him until he ran out of fuel. Patrolmen were surprised by an ATV rider who provoked them indecent acts before escaping. He then returned and repeated his act before disappearing. He was sent to concerned authorities.

On the run
The case of a Kuwaiti man who attacked an Egyptian national in Maidan Hawally revealed that the attacker was on the run to avoid serving a five-year jail sentence. Police noticed a man beating another following a traffic dispute, so the citizen was arrested and taken to concerned authorities.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies