KUWAIT: Following a televised broadcast reporting a new premium bus service was for Kuwaitis exclusively, the local bus company issued a statement to Kuwait Times yesterday to clarify that the buses are meant to serve all the residents of Kuwait.
“In response to what was said on Kuwait TV, we would like to clarify that the premium bus service is for all and not only for Kuwait citizens. We are sorry for the mistake that happened as we are a public transport company that provides a service to anyone regardless of nationality,” Gasser Fathy, marketing manager for City Group told the Kuwait Times in an emailed statement.

A day earlier, a video clip taken from a segment broadcast on KTV1 as part of the ‘Layali Al-Kuwait’ show on Monday incorrectly reported that the bus service was for Kuwaitis.

KTV 1 programmer Ala’ Al-Banay, told Kuwait Times that it was a misunderstanding. “When people started calling after the video spread, I contacted the official from City Bus, who told me she had meant to promote the bus service to Kuwaitis, and not that it’s just for citizens. The official told me that the main purpose of these buses is to be rented by Kuwaitis for private picnics or tours,” explained Banay. The video was shared widely in social media across Kuwait.