Bureau audits $3.2 billion projects in Kuwait since April

KUWAIT: The State Audit Bureau assessed 1,531 ventures worth KD 1.9 billion ($3.2 billion) between April 4 and October 31 this year. Up to 93 percent of the projects were presented by ministries and government departments – worth KD 1.7 billion – ($3 billion), in addition to five percent of the presented enterprises from departments of affiliate budgets-valued KD 1.2 million ($3 million), two percent of independent apparatuses-worth KD 43 ($138 million).

The bureau approved 64 percent of the projects, at a value of KD 1.2 billion ($3 billion), with advance and post contracting examination, said Shahad Al-Mnayess, the assistant auditor for advance supervision for economic affairs at the Audit Bureau in a statement yesterday.

The advance audit division at the Audit Bureau notified the Financial Breaches Department that some of the authorities had been committed to contracts without obtaining the bureau’s prior approval, breaching provisions 13 and 14 of the bureau’s law. It put the number of these offenses at 28, valued KD 63 million ($203 million).

Moreover, the penalties’ division notified some of the authorities of their breaching of provision 52 of the same law, involving 13 projects worth KD 45 million ($145 million). It furthermore expressed concern that sums deducted from public funds might have been misappropriated.

The diwan turned down 77 planned enterprises estimated at KD 230 million ($743 million), citing irregularities in pre-contract procedures. The ministry of health had the lion’s share of these projects (40) valued at KD 142 million ($458 million).

Additionally, the diwan rejected employment of personnel for security and safety at oil installations; with a projected cost of KD 2.5 million ($6.4 million). Up to 491 projects were rejected due to lack of necessary documents. The bureau noted that the advance supervision resulted in saving KD 52 million ($168 million). – KUNA