700 martyrs paid ultimate price for Kuwait’s prosperity: Obaid

KUWAIT: A billboard with the names of martyrs who were killed during the 1990-91 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait is seen in Kuwait City yesterday.

KUWAIT: Brand IMC launched an advertising campaign on the anniversary of the August 2 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait themed “Shuhada Al-Kuwait… Nujoomha” (Kuwait’s Martyrs are its Stars), to run from July 31 to August 10. Brand Information Group CEO Abdellatif Al-Obaid said: “As 28 years have elapsed since Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, it was necessary to take a patriotic stand to remind of the martyrs’ sacrifices and have their names displayed to the post-invasion generation. They should know Kuwait’s prosperous lifestyle and independence is due to the ultimate price more than 700 martyrs paid for liberating their homeland and entrusting it to those who came after them.”

“In reality, the martyr does not need to be honored, as Almighty Allah has honored him. But it is a reminder of the meaning of martyrdom, which is giving without waiting for a reward,” he said. “We chose the campaign slogan ‘Kuwait’s Martyrs are its Stars’, as we see youth taking idols who do not rise to the level of martyrs and their sacrifice. How can those who gave away their souls for the sake of their country be equal to others? Martyrs deserve to be regarded as idols and are more deserving of being starts.”

“We were keen, along with the Martyrs Office, to place the names of all martyrs on billboards instead of speaking in general about martyrs to acquaint the current generation with their names, and to remind the youth that each family, tribe and area has a number of martyrs, since Kuwait is precious, and the price to protect it is high. Under the current challenges the region is going through, and our need to remember the value of martyrdom, it became important to highlight this value in order to face challenges that put the Kuwaiti society’s unity at risk,” he said.

“The campaign carries a message to martyrs’ families that we will not forget the sacrifices of your children, and that each Kuwaiti owes you forever. The sacrifice of your children will remain instilled in our hearts,” Obaid added.