KUWAIT: Drugs Control General Department officers questioned an Indian man to find out the source of 84 imported liquor bottles found with him in Mahboula. Police found the man standing in a public area with a plastic bag placed on the ground next to him, which raised their suspicions. The man tried to flee when he saw police, who chased and placed him under arrest. Police busted a liquor brewery in Mishref that was run by two men and two women, all Asians. Large drums and brewing equipment were found. The four were arrested and sent to concerned authorities.

Rape allegations
The public prosecution released two businessmen – one on a KD 100 bail and another without bail – after several days of detention for questioning. An actress had accused them of rape in a villa that one of them owns. The case began 10 days ago when the actress claimed she was raped, but when the two men were asked about it, they denied the charge.

Smuggling foiled
An African woman was caught attempting to smuggle 8.4 kg of qat, which is banned in Kuwait, on arrival from her country. The suspect had the drugs hidden between food containers.

Traffic violations
Director General of Ahmadi security Brig Abdullah Saffah ordered the detention of a Kuwaiti youth who committed five grave traffic violations – reckless driving, escaping from police, lack of license plates, disturbing the peace and having stickers on his car. – Translated by Kuwait Times from the Arabic press