Body found on roof of Jabriya building

KUWAIT: An Egyptian man was found dead on the roof of a Jabriya building yesterday, said security sources, noting that the man’s face was covered in blood. The body was taken to the coroner, as a case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Sabah Al-Salem fire
Qurain Fire Station men responded to a call about a fire in Sabah Al-Salem that spread to cars parked in front of a house in the area. The fire was put out and kept from spreading further. No injuries were reported, while an investigation was opened to reveal the cause of the fire.

Fatal crash
A Kuwaiti man was killed and another injured when their vehicle flipped over on Salmi road while on a hunting trip, Al-Rai reported yesterday. Forensics officers took the deceased to the coroner, while the injured was taken to Jahra Hospital.

Officer injured
A reckless driver in Jahra ran over an officer who responded to a call and sped away. Detectives were able to identify the suspect and are looking for him. Police responded to a call about a reckless driver who was scaring people with his actions. When the driver saw the patrol car, he pulled over, but when the officer walked towards him, he drove at full speed and hit the officer. An ambulance took the officer to Jahra Hospital.

Kidnapped woman freed
Police officers succeeded in freeing a woman who was kidnapped by her boyfriend and held in a Kabd farm, but she was injured in the process. The suspect was arrested. A 32-year-old woman called Kabd police and told them that her 30-year-old sister was kidnapped and held at a farm by a Kuwaiti man. Policemen and detectives went to the area and when they knocked on the door, the suspect told them she was there but had already left, then closed the door. Officers surrounded the place and negotiated with the suspect for an hour to let the victim go. The suspect gave up and handed over the victim, who was in a very bad condition with her body was bruised. The suspect was taken to concerned authorities.

Family issues
A Kuwaiti woman called police after her brother-in-law stormed her house and beat her along with his wife. Policemen responded, but the suspect had already escaped before their arrival. Police found the door destroyed, as well as furniture and other things.

A citizen was rushed to the ICU after he was found unconscious in his car in Yarmouk. Policemen broke the windows and handed him to paramedics.

Robbers caught
Criminal detectives arrested a Kuwaiti man and his girlfriend for breaking into three cars and stealing their contents. The couple said they spent the money they collected in cafes. The arrest was made in Salmiya. The suspects added they sold the stolen phones to a store.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies