KUWAIT: A 21-year-old Kuwaiti man was killed after his motorcycle flipped over in Abu Halifa, Al-Rai reported yesterday. An investigation was opened to determine the circumstances which led to the accident.

Reckless drivers
Traffic detectives arrested several reckless drivers who turned the “Yellow Line” street in Kabd into a show arena with a large crowd watching, in total disregard of the law, reported Al-Rai. Four vehicles were also impounded. Some citizens called police, so traffic detectives responded. They chased the suspects and were able to apprehend some of them.

Surprise campaign
Khairan police carried out a sudden campaign resulting in the arrest of eight reckless motorcyclists, Al-Rai reported. The campaign was launched following several calls from chalet owners about the bikers’ behavior. A police source added their bikes were impounded.