real-fouzGrowing up it was extremely difficult to figure out what exactly I wanted to do, or who I wanted to be. At an early age (16-18) I had to make a decision right after high school to what path I wanted to take, choosing a university, a major and what not, not even knowing if this is what I really wanted to do or if this will actually help me in life or my career. However, we’ve all pretty much had to make a few decisions not knowing what we want. It can be very misleading and can sometimes sculpt you into being something else without you noticing.

Being confident will always help you overcoming obstacles in your life, but of course not too confident. It will definitely backfire. I’ve recently been very interested in understanding people and their present character and try to truly understand why or what made them be that way or that person. One thing I found in common was that, people who tend to be more defensive, negative and sometime hypocritical are the people who lack confidence, but protect themselves behind a hard wall. It is extremely crucial for young ladies and women to be confident, and by confidence I do not mean by appearance, figure or anything superficial to brag about, I mean mentally confident

Low self-esteem
Running around life holding your head a bit higher will never hurt anyone. Knowing and believing that you are worth it and deserving everything that has happened to you, the good and the bad, will only allow you to come in peace with your life and destiny. It’s all in your head. Lacking confidence and low self-esteem can really affect the decisions you make daily, and even in your life. It makes a difference with who you feel you want to end up with, what type of person you deserve, what kind of attention you deserve, it will also discourage you to do better in your career or education. It will stop you from doing so much good. Confidence is the feeling of being capable to accomplish almost anything you want in life. It’s how you carry yourself around others or in public; it’s respecting yourself and accepting nothing but the positive energy. It’s difficult for girls to be confident while growing up, it takes a lot of courage to put up with the pressure, not saying that it gets any more easier growing up.

Public figure
I work in a field where you are judged and commented on a daily, regardless of the negativity that comes along, I genuinely love and respect my job and the people I encounter, good or bad. However, social media has been a very quick but harsh lesson to learn, and I believe that it’s the same concept for everyone, but only on a larger scale when you’re a public figure.

I had to be confident and believe in myself, logically and realistically speaking, there are millions of more beautiful, successful and stronger women than I am, and it is extremely unhealthy to constantly compare myself to them, because there will ALWAYS be better, even when you find that “better” there is also more better than that better! It’s never ending, so being confident with the fact that there is only one you, and only you can live your life and no one else can, will only make you admire, love and respect all your right decisions and mistakes you’ve made. No one is perfect, even people who want to be perfect can never be stable and happy individuals because they cannot come in terms with the fact that perfection doesn’t exist. Believe in yourself, love yourself and trust yourself. There is only one you in this universe, life is short – take advantage of it.