Piet Heirbaut

KUWAIT: A Belgian trade delegation is currently visiting Kuwait to promote investment and trade. A trade exhibition was held in connection with the visit of the delegation at the Four Points Hotel in Kuwait City yesterday in which around 28 companies participated.

The delegation is mostly banking on the advantage of the advanced Belgian technology and innovation especially in the fields of sports and entertainment. Piet Heirbaut, Belgian Ambassador to Kuwait officially graced and inaugurated the trade mission in the presence of many potential investors.

“I am happy to inaugurate this event today. This is a very focused event to help people in Kuwait decide on venturing into new businesses in collaboration with Belgian commerce and industry. Our business interests in Kuwait are growing and we have seen the interest of Kuwaiti business community as well. It’s a good sign and Kuwait is a country that has a very bright vision about its future. And I believe that this is a very exciting time for all of us. We are in full support of the business people who are here today and we hope for a very fruitful business venture with you all. Thank you for supporting Belgian companies,” he said.

One of the companies present during the event was Grassmaster, a pioneer in hybrid pitches, whose ultimate goal is to develop and reinforce the durability of natural grass pitches for sports such as football, rugby and American football. “Our technology is now being used in Kuwait as we are the company chosen to reinforce Sheikh Jaber Stadium,” said Yves De Cooker, Grassmaster Tarkett Sports. The grass company is proud of its optimal playing characteristics during intense and heavy use.
Another company, Dirty Monitor also wants to share their expertise in the world of digital art, as they gained international recognition when they collaborated in various international events and festivities. They offer the audience a unique visual and immersive experience as they were tasked to light up the stage at the opening of Opera House, Sheikh Jaber Stadium and the Al-Shaheed Park in Kuwait City. They were contracted to showcase their digital art prowess in the major cities of the world such as Paris, London and Hong Kong.

By Ben Garcia