real-fouzLately, I’ve been facing so many obstacles, trying to figure out how to balance my work life and personal life to keep sane. It seems like work is taking over almost 90% of my time, and my personal life is just non-existent. Humanitarian relationships have demolished and most of the existent “friendships” and relationships are only beneficiary. Now, I’m not saying that every single person is like that, I mean, I’m not, and the people I love and care about aren’t like that either, however, it’s becoming more and more common for people to have trust issues with just about everyone. Other than the fact that it’s extremely unhealthy for you emotionally, it’s also tiring to be dealing with such stress on a daily basis. My question is; should we adapt to the negativity around us because that’s just the reality of things, nothing is perfect, or should we only allow ourselves go deal and be around people who make you grow and motivate you to be a better human being?

Brave face
This might seem like a contradicting article, but that’s how my life is at the moment. One day I want to hide in a happy cave, the other I man up and put up a brave face towards anyone I deal with or meet. Am I wrong for feeling this way or being a certain way or are they wrong for lacking morals and respect towards people? I’m the type of person who just doesn’t have a care in the world about other people’s business, where they go, who they meet and what they’re working on.

It seems like people are more interested to dig up anything that they think is useful to talk about, when the reality is even when they talk about anything it’s just useless and pointless. I’ve also noticed people neglecting a huge element in life, which is karma. I strongly believe in doing good for others, so others can do good for you. This can also be applicable onto the simplest of things, which are talking good about others, forgiving them for their mistakes, respecting them and their decisions and the list goes on and on.

Minding your own business and just being in peace from the inside takes zero effort, but trust me, holding grudges and being judgmental takes A LOT of effort. It’s very tiring to constantly be angry at people, and being negative, not only that it’s unhealthy. It can lead to many issues such as, low self-esteem, anger, depression as well as leads you to being antisocial.

More accepting
We now live in a world where everything is available and accessible. This leads to having a huge diversity of people, different mentalities, backgrounds, and upbringings. Even people from the same house can have completely different ways of thoughts and lifestyles. Many people are living their lives now more for themselves and not the way we consider is normal, more people are openminded, less conservative and so on, however, agreeing or disagreeing about this issue isn’t the matter here, the issue is people need to be more accepting, towards people and towards things they cannot change about people and their decisions.

You need to be very comfortable in your own skin to not feel the need to change people. Not get drifted away with what they do, and stand your own ground. As long as you are a decent and genuine human being, you won’t need people to tell you how to live your life. Many people are losing their conscious and their right mind to be honest, unfortunately honesty, decency and genuine love is more and more rare to be found in people nowadays and its sad, but again, not everyone is like that, and you should hold on to the people who aren’t that.