Kuwait: Municipal Council member Lawyer Abdallah Al- Kandari found it strange for Kuwait Municipality to keep silent towards cleaners begging in streets and near traffic lights. “This phenomenon is shameful, because it comes under the human rights item and because of the lack of action by the Kuwait municipality to stop this phenomenon, by letting the cleaners resort to this illegal work,” he said. He noted the laborer and his uniform became ‘for rent’ and “it is possible that they may be part of a group with a leader.” “Cleaning companies are not committed to paying the salaries of those workers, so they resort by claiming they do not have money for daily living, and this is something the government has nothing to do with, because they work for companies that have contracts with the municipality,” he explained.

Kandari thus demanded Kuwait municipality to move quickly and seriously to put an end to this phenomenon before it escalates. He noted the daily income of the ‘beggar’ cleaner is a minimum of KD 20, which is KD 600 per month, so his concern will be to beg and not to clean the street.

Bogus KD 10,000 winning An Egyptian expat told Fahaheel police that an unknown person withdrew KD 593 from his account after he was told he won KD 10,000 and gave him his bank details. The Egyptian man said he received a call from an unknown person that told him he won KD 10,000, and asked him for his bank account number and expiry date of the card. Minutes after, he said KD 593 was withdrawn from his account.