KUWAIT: A bedoon who asked a series of questions at a husseiniya in Mansouriya prompted some people to call police. He was taken to state security before being released. His questions were about the times of gatherings, number of attendees and when it opened and closed, prompting people to call police.

Killers arrested
Farwaniya detectives arrested the alleged killers of an Indian expat in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh – two Syrians and an Omani. A security source said investigations in the murder of the Indian that took place on Sept 9 resulted in identifying the suspects and arresting them.

A citizen accused his ex-wife of insulting and threatening him by SMS. He told Adan police about the woman’s actions and showed them the messages she sent over three days. When police called her, she did not answer, so the case was referred to detectives.

Asian held
Two Asians, one of whom is a tailor, were arrested by Ahmadi police with 61 liquor bottles in addition to 23 bags of booze. The arrest was made when a patrol suspected a car in Mahboula with the two inside. One of them said he had goods for his tailoring shop, but when they searched the car, the liquor was found. Both were sent to the DCGD.

Sponsor assault
An Asian domestic helper accused her sponsor of beating and locking her up. The woman was taken to Adan Hospital and obtained a medical report. The helper asked Ahmadi police to take her to her country’s embassy. – Alrai