KUWAIT: Major General Fahd Al-Shuwaye sent a bedoon man to the Drugs Control General Department after he was arrested while obstructing traffic on Taawon road. Officers found him in an abnormal condition with possession of hashish and drugs paraphernalia.

Generator theft
A citizen accused a person of stealing a power generator in a complaint he filed at Jahra police station. Investigations are ongoing.

Two hurt in fight
A bloody fight took place in Jahra between a citizen and a bedoon. A security source said the Jahra hospital investigator sent two medical reports to Taima police station, one about a bedoon who was beaten and had bruises and a swollen forehead who was admitted to ICU, while the second was about a 17-year-old citizen who had a wound in his scalp that required three stitches. The source said a fight took place between the two in Oyoun, while the citizen denied stabbing or beating the bedoon and named another person. Investigations are underway.

Policemen assaulted
Officers in a police patrol in Adailiya noticed a wedding motorcade, in which several cars were blocking the road. When police attempted to stop the vehicles, a group of people attacked a policeman, tore the shirt of the officer and threw his personal firearm to the ground. Some people gathered to free the assaulters, but the officer fired warning rounds in the air and controlled the situation. In another case, seven citizens including juveniles were sent to the public prosecution and juvenile prosecution for recklessness and assaulting an officer and a policeman from the supervision and inspection department. – Al-Anbaa