KUWAIT: Burgan Bank recently concluded the Design Thinking and Innovation course in collaboration with the Center of Continuing Education (CCE) – The American University of Kuwait (AUK) in a bid to accelerate its innovation journey and promote its employees innovative thinking.

The training course was organized by the Learning & Talent Development department, and it is part of Burgan Bank’s dynamic Talent Program “Ro2ya”, which was launched in February 2020 with the aim of boosting the bank’s actions aimed at developing the human capital to build a future-ready workforce and a strong talent pool.

Ro2ya talents trainings and courses are delivered to three groups of participants distributed based on their career levels and aptitude. The Sprouts are new young Burganers, the Arrows group includes growing talents and the Eagles team brings together senior leaders.

The Arrows Team engaged through their participation in the Design Thinking and Innovation workshop in a fully immersive learning experience focused on improving the innovation practices using the 5-step Design Thinking framework tools and techniques for successful product, service or process innovation. This course has been particularly helpful for the five Arrows team members who have recently completed the Innovation Challenge Program 2020 organized by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences.

Bashar Khaled Al-Qattan, Manager of Learning and Talent Development at Burgan Bank, said “We are proud of the cooperation of the Learning and Talent Development department with CCE at the American University of Kuwait to organize the Design Thinking and Innovation workshop.

The workshop aims at supporting all 23 talented Kuwaiti employees, members of the Arrows team, as well as helping the five participants who have completed the KFAS Innovation Challenge Program 2020 and to implement their Innovation Lab idea that will bring considerable advantages to all Burgan Bank employees. We are confident that this course has enhanced all participants’ knowledge, competencies and skills, which will help them carry out successful projects in the future and support further the Bank’s growth.”

Commenting on his participation in the Design Thinking and Innovation course, Salem Eissa Al Qenaie – Acting Assistant Manager – Business Continuity Management, said “following the KFAS 2020 Innovation Challenge that helped us come up with the Innovation Lab idea, we had the chance to take part in the Design Thinking and Innovation workshop that was an exciting learning experience and a new step forward in our way to bring out our Innovation Lab project.

I feel grateful and privileged to be part of Burgan Bank’s Ro2ya Talent Program, and I am highly motivated to share my knowledge, use my skills and achieve my maximum potential to further advance innovation, progress and sustainability at Burgan.”

This training initiative underpins Burgan Bank’s dedication to further develop its human capital through a holistic inclusive approach that offers employees the chance to develop their potential and improve their abilities. Burgan Bank’s HR-LTD development programs designed to promote continuous learning and push for an innovative mind-set across the bank, reaffirm Burgan’s commitment to promote existing talents and prepare the future Kuwaiti leaders who are the driving force of sustainable business growth and success.