Bahrain crowned champions of 24th Gulf Cup for the first time

DOHA: Bahrain was crown champions of the 24th Gulf Arab Cup soccer tournament held in Qatar yesterday after its victory over its Saudi counterpart with one goal.

Bahrain waited for 49 years until it achieved her first title since the first tournament that was held on its soil in 1970 registered her name in the records of the champions of the Arab Gulf Cup.
The first half was a contest between the two teams through counter attacks, as they exchanged control over the course of time, seeking to score the first goal to increase the chances of winning the title.

The Saudi team had the opportunity to advance in the outcome of the match, as a penalty kick was awarded to them in the 12th minute, but Salman Al-Faraj lost the opportunity to score. The contest continued in the second half, providing a high technical level and a beautiful offensive football. The crowd were enjoying, whether in the stands or behind the screens.

Bahrain’s first goal came through Mohammed Al-Rumaihi in the 69th minute after he used a cross from Mahdi Faisal.

The match ended with this historic goal for Bahrain, achieving its second title in four months after the West Asian Championship held in the Iraqi city of Arbil last August. Kuwait tops the list of teams that won the title ten times, while Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iraq achieved it three times and Oman and the Emirates won twice and finally Bahrain.