KUWAIT: Police rushed to a mall in Al-Rai following a call about a suspicious bag found there. A security source said precautions were taken, then a robot was used, and the bag was inspected and found to not have any explosives. Instead when opened, the bag was found to contain illicit drugs. The source thinks that a person may have dumped the bag in the mall’s parking lot, adding that security cameras will be checked to identify the person who left it. In a similar incident, Jahra police rushed to a mosque in Saad Al-Abdallah area after a call about an abandoned bag. Police did not find any explosives inside.

‘Belt’ suspect not a threat
A ‘suspicious man’ carrying a belt attracted attention in Oyoun. Jahra police were alerted by a citizen. Police, detectives and state security went to the area where the man was seen next to a ‘transformer’ but did not find anything suspicious. – Al-Anbaa