JouharImages of the two-year old Syrian child Aylan who washed ashore with his innocent face down in his red shirt shocked the whole world and prompted a human revolution all over Europe, Australia and North America, while Arabs, from the Ocean to the Gulf, did not shed a single tear even out of shyness.

Despite their newly-set strict immigration laws, lands of ‘infidelity’ opened wide and thousands of the non-believers went out carrying food, flowers and presents to receive swarms of Syrian refugees while carrying signs with welcoming phrases. Thousands of European houses, including those of prime ministers and senior officials, were opened to host them in scenes that Muslims have been always teaching their children about how the Ansar in Madinah received the Muslims fleeing Makkah. It is ironic how ‘infidels’ and ‘non-believers’ are now the ones receiving Muslims!

Through funds, weapons and their media, Many Arab countries have somehow contributed to the massacres committed in Syria under the name of religion, Arabism or even humanity, until it was completely destroyed and its poor people displaced in the wild. The luckiest of those refugees are the ones living in UNfunded refugee camps on the Lebanese and Jordanian borders. Meanwhile, the rest of the Arab countries have been directly supervising the civil war going on in Syria and hundreds of millions has been spent to fund it without even hosting a single Syrian family. Moreover, families of those officially and legally residing in those countries were banned from joining or temporarily visiting them. Hundreds were even deported.

Arab peoples have fought bitter, long wars to be liberated from European colonizers, drive them out of their countries and achieve their dreams of independence and Arab unity as promised by wealthy states. Thousands of martyrs have fallen in the course of reconstructing those countries according to new slogans of Arabism and progressiveness. But now, the sons of those freedom fighters and martyrs’ families are now flocking to colonial countries’ doorsteps seeking refuge from decapitation and having their women and children enslaved by tyrant regimes or terrorist gangs pretending to be Muslims and shouting Allahu Akbar!

Such images clearly show how many Arab peoples have been living in humiliation during the age of space and technology. Who is responsible for turning Arabs into ghouls and having infidels seem to have more faith? Why did Arabs turn into monsters while the West actually embodies our religion, the Holy Quran and ancestors’ teachings? To hell with all conspiracy theories! What conspiracy are we talking about when thousands of European soccer fans stand in mourning of the death of the child Aylan with tears clouding their eyes, while Arabs, who destroyed his village and displaced and drowned him, have not even shed a tear for the poor child, perhaps because this would be a form of heresy or perversity?!

— Translated by Kuwait Times

By Dr Hassan Jouhar