Minister orders advanced life support training for medical staff

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs announced launching a new campaign to raise awareness on proper treatment of domestic helpers as per the guidance of Islam. The awareness campaign, titled ‘A Safe House’ and held under auspices of the ministry’s undersecretary Fareed Assad Emadi, will officially be launched in a special ceremony tomorrow at Al-Slayil shopping complex in Jahra. In this regard, the head of the national project to boost domestic helpers’ awareness (Barirah) and the undersecretary’s office manager Abdul Hameed Jaber Al-Mutairi said the project provides guidance to heads of families on how to deal with domestic workers through the principles of moderation in Islam. He further explained that the project has a strategic plan to boost awareness regarding the rights of domestic helpers and ‘improve the efficiency’ of their work while ensuring their loyalty and sense of belonging to families they work with. The campaign further includes visits to schools and speaking with students about the project’s goals, he added.

Life support
Health Minister Sheikh Dr Basel Al-Sabah issued a ministerial decision mandating all doctors, dentists, nursing staff members and technicians to undergo ACLS and BLS training courses to obtain the skills needed to provide immediate action to help save lives during emergencies. The decision also conditioned undergoing those courses before being promoted to any higher positions and including these courses as basic evaluation elements in the annual performance evaluation reports effective 2019. In addition, the decision conditioned undergoing these courses for those newly appointed in any of the abovementioned specialties.

Practicing medicine
Kuwait Medical Association (KMA) Chairman Dr Ahmad Al-Thuwaini announced that the new draft law on practicing medicine and patients’ rights will be launched on Saturday at KMA’s headquarters with the attendance of the medical board, members of the parliamentary medical affairs committee, Interior Ministry’s investigations committee and Kuwait Lawyers Association. Thuwaini added that the draft law was fully studied by KFAS and supported by the general policies center at the Supreme Planning Council. He also invited MoH officials and doctors to take part in an open questionnaire to be offered to attendants on Saturday. Thuwaini reminded that the medicine practice law had been the same since 1981 and that the old law had no rights for patients or protected doctors against possible complications and medical errors.

Shisha ban
Municipal Council member and head of Ahmadi committee Fahd Al-Muwaizri stressed the need to stop serving shisha in cafes for families, noting that smoking shisha is unfamiliar in Kuwaiti traditions. Expressing his full support to a proposal made in this regard, Muwaizri stressed shisha is harmful to health, especially to children accompanying families to such cafes.

Eggs export ban
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) yesterday issued a ban on exporting local eggs and re-exporting imported ones for a month pending the conclusion of a survey about local market needs. The ministry added that the decision will be effective on issuance and that it would be published in the official gazette.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi