KUWAIT: A security source said criminal detectives who worked on cases of car thefts identified a gang lead by a Kuwaiti ex-convict and three bedoons. They used a farm in Kabd to hide the stolen cars before selling their parts or changing their features and sending them to certain countries. Detectives obtained a warrant to raid the farm, and the gang members were found there along with six cars. The three bedoons said their role was to steal cars whose engines were left running and drive them to the farm, where they were dismantled.

An Indian man’s body was recovered by the coroner after he allegedly committed suicide in his room in Ishbelia. Police received a call from an Indian man saying that he found his friend dead in their residence. Police found the body hanging from the ceiling.

Environmental violation
A cement truck driver was seen by a citizen in Shamiya dumping excess cement before leaving, so he called the police. The driver was arrested and the truck was impounded. He faces legal action and a fine of up to KD 10,000, for violation of the environmental law. In a separate case, police are looking for a driver accused by a citizen of chasing her and colliding with her car before escaping. The woman gave police the number of his car’s license plates. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai