KUWAIT: Ahli United Bank (AUB) has announced that Jehad Al-Humaidhi, Senior General Manager – Information Technology and Operations has won the coveted ‘Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 – IT, Banking & Finance’. The award was presented to Al-Humaidhi by International Finance magazine in a grand celebration held in Dubai on 18January 2018.

The award reflects Al-Humaidhi’s impact on and many contributions to the Bank and its success since her appointment at AUB in 1984, upon her graduation. Throughout the years, AUB’s management was able to support Al-Humaidhi and offer new avenues to advance her career, where she was able to fulfill leadership roles across a number of departments – a key indicator to the Bank’s overall working environment and its continuous support of local talent. Moreover, the award mirrors Al-Humaidhi’s excellence in IT as well as a strong recognition to the ongoing development witnessed in AUB’s IT infrastructure through adopting best banking practices in technology.

An international prestigious recognition

Al-Humaidhi expressed her gratitude in receiving the award, and overall attestation to AUB’s positive working environment, which has provided the right conditions and elements for ensuring her success. In addition, it further reflects the continued support from the Bank’s management as well as the fruitful cooperation amongst employees. Richard Groves, AUB’s CEO said, “AUB continues to set the benchmark in hiring and integrating women into the Bank’s operations. At AUB, our female workforce manage leading departments and have senior roles, and this includes Jehad Al-Humaidhi who is a significant role model.”

Groves added, “This achievement is a testament to Al-Humaidhi’s hard work over the past 33 years at AUB, where she was able to drive an extensive range of initiatives and projects that helped transform AUB’s IT capabilities. Throughout her tenure at AUB, Al-Humaidhi managed several important departments in the Bank which included IT, Bank operations, Credit Cards, Administration, Technical Facilities and Trade Finance. She is also an active member of the KNET (Kuwait Switch), and several other boards representing AUB.”

This International Finance award is granted to one female professional executive per year, in recognition of her contributions that have had great impact in maximizing the role of IT in the development of banking operations in line with the strategic objectives of banking institutions, while meeting the cyber security and new technology challenges. Therefore, the award is aimed at women who have been able to exert influence, both at the individual level and at the top level of the financial institutions, in which they work.