ahliKUWAIT: Ahli United Bank will organize a seminar for its clients on November 17 in collaboration with the well-known London-based law firm, Charles Russell LLP. The seminar will provide Ahli United Bank customers with details about the proposed changes to the law related to UK inheritance tax on residential properties owned by offshore companies and will conclude by an open session for Q&A.

On this occasion, Medhat Tawfik, General Manager of Private Banking and Wealth Management at Ahli United Bank, said in a press release: “This seminar continues a series of seminars that Ahli United Bank has organized to shed light on buying and selling residential properties in London and elsewhere in the United Kingdom. In the past we have  received an excellent attendance from our bank clients especially as the real estate market in London increasingly attracts clients”.

Tawfik added, “The Bank’s ambition  is to keep clients informed of such changes and the impact they may have on real estate investments.  Such seminars show that Ahli United Bank is always concerned with fulfilling client expectations of us at all times.”